If you are a relatively new franchisor looking to grow your profitable tribe of franchises, we’ve got good news for you!

We’ve developed a unique system that will allow you, the franchisor, to:

  1. Help each franchisee earn more income
  2. Easily develop and launch unlimited websites for your individual franchises
  3. Create promotional content, coupons, trial, offers and push them out to ALL your franchisees with the click of a button
  4. Generate lead generating opt-in forms to build lists of dedicated customers
  5. Improve the search engine rankings for EACH franchise website
  6. Measure and track ALL the results for each site such as search engine traffic. keyword rankings, social media impact, opt-in rates
  7. Maintain complete brand integrity
  8. Take the headache out of digital marketing for ALL your franchises

We did this via our unique Internet platform called Franchise Flow.


Franchise Flow is a unique, customized portal that we custom build for the franchisor that allows them to create and MANAGE unlimited websites for their franchisees with just a few clicks of the mouse.  But more than that it also allows the franchisor the ability to create promotional content such as trial offers, coupons, sales, etc and then PUSH them out to all the websites on the network.  This allows for unified corporate messaging while maintaining brand integrity while also sending search engine traffic to the individual franchise websites through a combination of search engine optimization and email marketing.

Combining various online traffic generating techniques with integration into popular CRMs like SalesForce.com or Zoho as well as detailed reporting on keyword rankings, page visitations, social media impact and referral traffic, Franchise Flow creates a powerful process for creating, managing and tracking the performance of not only individual franchisee websites but offers a comparative data and reporting between specific website offers/coupons/ as they relate to specific markets and towns for each franchise location.


The best way to really appreciate the power and versatility of Franchise Flow?  Request a demo by CLICKING HERE

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