Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms available.

It’s a fantastic network for promoting your franchise business and reaching potential franchisees. Plus, it’s more streamlined and user-friendly than Facebook, so many companies can take full advantage of its potential more easily.

However, it’s not as simple as making a profile and churning out tweets. There are actually some important dos and don’ts every franchise business needs to follow if they want to protect the image of their franchise business while maximizing the returns from this powerful social media network.

Do Optimize Your Profile

Make sure you have all the components of your Twitter profile completely filled in so potential franchisees get the big picture about your skills and what you offer. Use a nice, professional profile image and cover photo. Don’t choose something with low resolution or dimensions that don’t fit the frame. You should also fill in your biography completely, listing relevant contact information including your business phone number. You should also use keywords relevant to your services like franchising or franchise opportunities, so other members can quickly search for you.

Do Tweet Consistently

Twitter users expect a consistent flow of information; perhaps more than most other websites, as tweets are designed to be fast and easy. If you want to see the full benefits of social media marketing, you need to develop a strong online presence by offering useful information again and again. Many franchise businesses choose to tweet multiple times every single day.

Do Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the very foundation of Twitter, in a sense. These search terms help you group all relevant tweets together in an instant. A word of caution, however; too many hashtags produce negative responses, and those that are too long or irrelevant will likely generate little additional interest. It’s good to find something specific for your brand and stick with it.

Do Engage with Other Users

It’s not enough to build a presence if you don’t reach out to other people. Answer tweets and direct messages consistently, but don’t be afraid to initiate the interaction, either. A re-tweet or favorite can inspire your prospects to take a second look at your business.

Don’t Only Tweet About Yourself

Followers will get tired of you talking about yourself repeatedly. Share things your followers will find interesting, useful, or even funny. Make sure the topics are still relevant to your franchise business or to franchises in general, and experiment with different kinds of posts including images and videos. When you present useful and engaging franchise content, you’ll come across as an authority in the franchise industry.

Don’t Use Auto-Commenters

Few things turn customers off more quickly than feeling as if their comment or question doesn’t matter. Although they may be easier, auto-commenters do just that. Even though you’ll spend more time, craft true responses for every tweet and your followers will notice the difference.

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Social Media is Now an Integral Part of Most Franchise Businesses’ Marketing Plans. Creating a Social Media Presence is Only the Beginning, Managing it Correctly is the Key to Success.



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