LinkedIn is the most powerful professional social media platform for franchise businesses.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is set up to help men and women in business form important connections to help advance their careers and businesses.

However, LinkedIn is only effective if you know how to use it. As with any social media outlet, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at the start. This list includes the best tips to maximize the efficiency of your LinkedIn profile and push for professional progress.

1. Customize Your URL

You can edit your URL to make it more professional and easier to share. Change it to a variant of your name (or the name of your franchise business, perhaps), and it’ll be much easier to send traffic in the right direction. You can also add a clean URL to business cards and resumes in a snap.

2. Add a Background Photo

As does Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to use custom cover photos. This is a great way to broadcast an accomplishment or relevant professional achievement. Spending some money to have a professional photographer take and edit a picture for you makes this change even more effective.

3. Add Search Terms to Your Profile

LinkedIn allows people to find you using specific search terms. For example, you could use words or phrases like “franchise,” “franchising,” or “franchise opportunities.” The more relevant tags you add, the higher the chance potential franchisees will find you.

4. Display Your Marketing Materials

Franchise prospects often like to get a sense of who you are and what you may offer before they make a hard contact. Adding brochures, flyers or recent franchise articles you wrote to your LinkedIn profile is a fantastic way to generate interest. This also can translate to better leads, as they know exactly what to expect and can start a dialogue about franchise opportunities sooner.

5. Generate a Resume When You Need It

One of the most useful aspects of LinkedIn is the fact that you can quickly turn your profile information into a resume. The site gathers data from the different sections of your page and uses the Resume Builder Tool to compile everything into one sleek file. This is easier, for many people, than attempting to rewrite and update a traditional resume each time something changes.

6. Take Advantage of Endorsements

Did you know people can endorse you for your skills and experience? LinkedIn allows users to endorse connections they have for their skills – and even recommend ones not listed on their page. This makes it easier for businesses and potential franchisees to trust your page, plus it can serve as a gentle reminder to keep your information relevant.

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