Most franchise businesses will need a press release at one point or another.

They’re a crucial element in public relations strategies, and they help inform prospective franchisees in a straightforward and compelling manner. They’re especially helpful in positioning franchise consultants as professional and knowledgeable thought leaders in the franchise industry.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to write an effective press release. They need to be informative and clear, providing all necessary details, without confusing a press release with marketing, fluff, or personal opinions. When done correctly, press releases will grab the attention of your franchise prospects, and may garner attention from the media to secure television interviews, magazine features, local news briefs, or other forms of coverage.

To help keep your franchise business on top, we’ve organized these tips for writing the best releases that will help your franchise business stand out and welcome a higher level of public interest.

1. Begin With a Strong Headline

The most important part of your press release is the headline. It needs to grab your readers’ attention while broadcasting just enough information to interest them. The stronger the headline, the easier it will be to attract attention. Remember, above all else, make it engaging and accurate.

2. Get to Your Point Quickly

Press releases are not like other types of writing. You don’t need to build a complicated introduction or setup for a story. Instead, get the message out immediately. Everyone reads thousands of words each day, so they may not scan beyond your very first sentence. Address every important topic, in descending order, in the very first paragraph. Every other paragraph can contain the supporting facts and statistics.

3. Use Hard Numbers

Press releases are all about facts, and nothing supports information better than strong statistics. Offer proof for every claim or change. Be as specific as possible and make sure your franchise information is reliable. It’s a good idea to cite any outside sources, including franchise industry statistics, to further improve trustworthiness.

4. Edit Again and Again

Press releases must be grammatically flawless. They have to be clear and concise, no matter how much information you’re including. Read it several times and have other people do the same. Even the tiniest mistakes can harm your credibility.

5. Keep it Short

Most press releases are only one page, although they may occasionally reach two. Keep yours clear and concise, and offer only the most important information. If you think readers might need additional facts, you can include access to more info on your website. This can help stir web traffic without cluttering your press release.

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