Reaping the Benefits of Blogging

We have all read blogs that inform, educate, or entertain us without attempting to sell anything. That’s a regular blog. A business blog can include those qualities, but it does so with an end goal in mind – attract franchise leads and sell more franchises. Now that we understand the purpose of a business blog, let’s talk about the benefits to your franchise business.

Increases Website Traffic

We all want more visitors to our franchise website. Some choose to go the annoying (and illegal) route by purchasing an email list. Others blow tons of cash with paid ads. If only there was a better method for drawing new website visitors. Well, there is.

You likely have a lot of pages on your website that are rarely updated. Thankfully, blogging can help with that. After you publish a blog, your probability of showing up on a search engine result increases because Google perceives your website as active. Also, your steady blog postings give your social media followers – and their followers – a chance to see your post show up on their feeds.

Turns Traffic into Franchise Leads

Franchise businesses that turn to intrusive strategies to generate leads often send their potential franchise prospects running for the hills. Moreover, businesses that are cyber stagnant and express an unwelcoming vibe never receive attention in the first place.

Find a happy medium with call to action leads at the end of your blog posts. Anything that causes someone to offer contact information will work – a free trial webinar, white paper or the increasingly popular option of an e-book.

Communicate Sign Showing Speaker Or DiscussionEstablishes Authority

Site visitors and loyal customers will have questions about your franchise services. While a FAQ page is helpful, a blog post that answers all their questions establishes your authority and can position you as a thought leader in the franchise field. Prospects who are interested in the franchise services you offer also need validation you know what you’re talking about. The blog is your opportunity to express your franchise knowledge, which strengthens your reputation and helps you stand out among the competition.

Produces Long-Term Results

Blog posts give your franchise business exposure long after you first publish them. The longer your blog post is available, the more time it should build search engine rankings, leading to a growing trend of website views and franchise leads.





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