Facebook is a powerful communication platform: attracting more than 1.71 billion people monthly and serving as the playground for business and social interaction.

Whether you’re a loyal fan and avid user of Facebook or not, it’s a tool your franchise business needs to leverage. The sheer size of Facebook’s user base makes it one of the most important resources in your marketing arsenal. So why should your franchise business use this social media powerhouse, and how can it serve you?

Facebook Ads Are Better than Google AdWords

While you may not profit from organic interaction with your followers, there is staggering revenue potential for your franchise business through Facebook advertisement. Google AdWords is one method to advertise, but it can’t compare with Facebook. Here are some benefits of advertising on Facebook:

  • Gain more customers through target audiences who are not your followers
  • Demographic targeting (age, sex, geography, language, preferences)
  • Ability to post several images
  • Option for a right-side ad
  • Offers pixel tracking
  • Permits a clickable call to action button on the ad
  • More bang for your buck

Accomplish Your End Goal

hand-1367819_1280The goal of your franchise ad is not for a person to simply look at the advertisement – it’s to transform a mere onlooker into a franchise lead. While a Facebook ad shares the same goal as the rest of the advertisement community, there is much more at stake because each Facebook ad click will cost your company money. You want to make sure that the right people are clicking your ad and understand what your franchise business is offering.

Before submitting a Facebook ad, decide what you want a potential franchise lead to take away after they click. Do you want them to register for an event, download an e-book, or take advantage of a limited-time offer? Answer this question before jumping into your Facebook ad endeavors and you’ll likely be more successful.

Generate Leads

Communication is key for any thriving franchise business. You can’t specifically engage your audience without first knowing your audience. That’s why building a franchise lead list is invaluable – the quantity and quality of your franchise lead list will be the lifeline between you and your audience.

Consider creating a landing page that includes an option to register for an event or download an e-book. You can use these participants to create or boost your franchise lead list, which can help your business gain brand loyalty and flourish. If you’ve never done this before, try one of the available landing page builders like LeadPages.





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