One of the most important parts of your business is franchise lead generation.

If you are already a franchisor, congratulate yourself. You have made a name in the business world, which isn’t always easy to do. However, your work is far from over. In order to attract qualified franchisees, you need to draw them in and make them trust your franchise. The right PR media coverage will make all the difference to your franchise.

Reputable News Sources

News outlets need and love high-quality content, especially about new businesses in their area. If you’ve never written a news article before or are not confident in your content, your PR firm can help you write better-quality articles. The articles should communicate what makes your franchise different or special and why it’s trustworthy. Consider writing articles related to industry news. That way you aren’t self-promoting all the time and you’ll reach a broader audience.

Consumer Broadcast Segments

Landing a TV spot is a coup for your franchise, whether it is an advertisement or a morning show feature. If you’re based in a smaller community, you may need to go after small opportunities with narrower audiences first. Once you’ve established a base audience and have name recognition, it’ll be easier to branch out to the larger media outlets. TV spots will capture potential franchisees, because they’ll see how profitable and unique your business is, which will make them want to own it.

Franchisor BlogsBlogs

These days, every website needs a blog – and franchises are no exception. Even if people can see your franchise across the country, you cannot let your internet presence lapse. Update your blog regularly with fresh content regarding your franchise and related news. If you own an Italian café, post content about how people with gluten intolerances can still enjoy your food. Bring in guest bloggers so your audience can “hear” different voices supporting your franchise.

Franchise Profile Pieces

Besides news articles and blog posts, you can generate franchise leads with profile pieces. These pieces speak specifically about your franchise and what drives your passions. They tell the story of how you got into business and express your love for the products and services you offer. Gear these pieces toward franchisees in your field whose vision is similar to yours. They’ll think, “That could be me” and want to invest in you and your franchise.

Take Action

If you are unsure how to start, begin with a strategy that feels most comfortable. If you already have a blog, update or revamp it to attract franchisees. If you’re already in newspapers, focus on broadcasting. Over time, your PR efforts will pay off with an increase in the number and quality of potential franchisees.


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