Content plays a huge factor in Google ranking!

Well-crafted franchise content strikes a perfect balance between search engine optimization strategy and high-quality material. Maintaining professional, fast, well-balanced pages is the key to grabbing a top results slot.

Balance Keywords

In part one of this series, we explained how crucial your franchise keywords are, but there’s more to the art of balancing keywords than throwing them into a content soup. Begin titles, subheadings, and descriptions with important keywords like franchises, franchisors or franchisees. Burying keywords in the middle or end reduces their power. Emphasize search-friendly words, but beware of over-stuffing, which Google will penalize.

Keyword density is always a factor in Google ranking, but better algorithms increasingly mean that Google favors high-quality content over excessive target word placement. Use latent semantic indexing (LSI) principles when crafting materials to help search engines recognize meaning by identifying patterns and relationships between words. It can help boost relevancy ratings and traffic, since it more accurately gauges material. To leverage this, use target franchise keywords next to other words that pinpoint their context.

content-is-king-1132266_1280Use Powerful Content

Crafting favorable content begins by producing the right length posts. Although small articles are seen as easily digestible, franchise pieces of 2,000 words or more get the best ratings. Your franchise leads will perceive them as in-depth, higher-quality posts. Make certain to properly cite sources and link to reputable publications. Do not overuse external links, however. Google may see this as a manipulation. Choose just a handful of great franchise sources to link to.

Another factor in ensuring quality ratings is not reusing material. Consider updating existing posts rather than republishing new versions. Search engines favor recently updated pages, but not duplicate pages. Google algorithms weed out posts that appear to be poorly written or difficult to read. Use straightforward language as well as lists or bullet points to give your franchise posts a boost.

Employ Responsible Multimedia Components

Employing multimedia components can help your franchise website gain high rankings, but the site must still appear readable. Tasteful videos or pictures enhance user experience, but too many distracting flash components detract from it. The algorithms do not recognize images; to make the most of these components, include captions. Algorithms consider loading speed as well, so include media that will not hinder processing times.



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