Transparency is becoming more and more crucial in today’s world.

For instance, buyers are growing increasingly wary of the businesses they patronize, and they quickly put aside those that seem to be holding back or simply making moves to close a sale. This applies to nearly every trade—including the franchise industry.

Work to educate your franchise clients instead of always closing or encouraging what you think is a good franchise match. By keeping your franchise clients informed, you’re helping them make an important investment decision—not just selling them another franchise. When you help your franchise clients make decisions, they are more likely to work with you again and recommend you to other franchisee prospects.

Rather than hounding them to buy a franchise or pushing for new connections, take the time to inform your franchise clients. Taking that little bit of extra time will help you build a sense of trust leading to a much stronger business relationship. It’ll pay off in spades. Always educate—and do so with effective content marketing focused on your franchisor business.

Content Is Crucial for Franchisors

franchise marketingToday’s business world demands consistent, valuable content. Potential franchisees don’t want to read sales pitches—they want to know what you as a franchisor can do to make their franchise experience better and how what you offer is essential to their success as a new franchisee. Your content not only needs to be published consistently; it must offer value to your franchisee prospects and clients.

Contemporary customers, including prospective franchisees, tend to have short attention spans and look for value when they spend time online. When it comes to a major decision like purchasing a franchise, you can bet that potential franchise buyers will spend hours researching franchise options, franchisors and funding for franchises. If you can’t support them with helpful content, they’ll end up learning about the process from one of your franchise competitors.

Thus, you need to gear your content marketing around relevant franchise topics like what is franchising, franchise funding, or franchise fees. Highlighting franchisee success stories and tips on the first few days as a franchisee are also incredibly valuable for first-time franchise buyers. The style and length of your content will depend on your brand image. Are you the type of franchisor that should publish professional, polished copy? Or more modern, humorous video content to appeal to younger franchisees?

Video Is a Rising Tide – Now is the Time for Franchisors to Jump on Board

Video content is also becoming increasingly vital to content marketing efforts. As of 2015, half of all internet traffic was directed to video. It’s easier to digest, and people watch to completion more often than they read written content. Video is a great avenue for reaching and informing franchise prospects and effectively helping them make a myriad of franchise decisions.

No matter what type of content your franchise business provides, it needs to offer your franchise prospects and franchisees valuable information on a regular basis. Helping franchise prospects make those tough decisions is more important than simply convincing them to open their wallets. If your franchise clients feel fully informed about their franchise decisions and they have a confident understanding of their choices, they’re going to appreciate the time you took to help them make those important franchise decisions.

You need to “always be educating,” if you want to “always be closing.”



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